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About the Organic & Non-GMO Forum


The Organic & Non-GMO Forum is the leading event that brings together producers, processors, manufacturers, and buyers in the organic and non-GMO oilseed and grain industry. We tackle the questions of how to meet the growing demand for these specialty products and what emerging opportunities/innovations your organization should be ready to take advantage of. 

Attend the only event that covers the practical AND business aspects of the organic, non-GMO, and conventional supply chain. Topics include:

  • Historic inflation of organic and non-GMO grains 

  • Selecting and sourcing alternative proteins

  • How U.S. producers can take advantage of demand for domestic specialty grains

  • Sustainability in the organic and non-gmo sector

  • Understanding the organic and plant-based consumer

  • International trade and supply chain challenges

  • Food labeling of alternative proteins

  • New technologies in cultured meat and protein alternatives

  • OSPA's anti-dumping petition 

  • Processing grains, legumes, and seeds into value-added products