Dreaming of a Vetter World

Featured at the Organic & Non-GMO Forum this year, David Vetter will be speaking shortly after the screening of Bonnie Hawthorne's documentary Dreaming of a Vetter World.  Join us in Minneapolis, October 29-30 and learn more about the innovative and groundbreaking contributions the Vetter farm has made to the organic farming industry. We will also be providing the audience with David's organic popcorn during the film's viewing!

Click the Play button below to view the trailer for this gorgeous and entertaining documentary.

Journey to the American heartland in Bonnie Hawthorne’s don't-miss documentary, Dreaming of a Vetter World. It features one visionary Nebraska farm family who understood that modern agriculture was ailing, and found a cure. From farmer’s son to soil scientist to missionary and back to farmer again, organic pioneer David Vetter has dedicated his life to a “ministry to the soil.” With camera and camper in tow, Hawthorne leaves her urban comforts in the rear view mirror to learn from the Vetters about what's really going on in the Corn Belt. As interest in regenerating soil explodes worldwide, Hawthorne discovers that David Vetter is way ahead of the game. With both historical context and an eye to the future, Dreaming of a Vetter World shows it's possible to jump off conventional agriculture’s pesticide treadmill. It’s also a story about love, hope and place; an inspiring example of perseverance and doing what you know is right–against all odds.

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