The world continues its struggle through the COVID-19 pandemic throughout April. The feed & meat industries endeavor to keep the world fed during this time. In this month’s edition, we delve into the North American market, examining the supply chain of feed to meat and identify where the chain is straining, and explain the work being done to prop it up. Latin America’s exports of feed grains and meat to China are growing, could this inhibit China reaching the buying obligations as agreed with the U.S.? Read the Feed Review to find out.


Europe has passed its peak infection, but the imminent recession will impact feed and meat demand. Also covered are the other key issues currently being faced by Europe, such as the HPAI outbreaks and the potential threat of Russia locking up their wheat. 

We look at every region and review all the news - not just COVID-19 news. Written by the industry guru Emma Cowan, the FeedReview offers an effortless path to industry insight on a global level. Designed to give the reader a thorough understanding of all the issues facing each continent whilst reviewing which of the world’s leading companies are winning and which are not. If you need to make global or regional decisions in the world of feed and meat, you need to be informed and up-to-date - this is your cheat sheet.

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