Organic and Non-GMO Forum Short Course:

Understanding What You're Buying: A Procurement Manager's Guide

Monday, October 29, 2018
9 am- 12 pm

 Hyatt Regency St. Louis​ at the Arch

315 Chestnut Street

St. Louis, Missouri, USA, 63102

Did you know that the way that organic and non-GMO oilseeds and grains are processed can result in different nutritional values of the product as well as its resulting flavor, digestibility, and even shelf life? Buying the lowest priced products can sometimes cost you more in long run. This is why it’s crucial to fully understand the processing methods of the commodities you’re buying and not just rely on the rate sheet. This short course will review the outcomes of different processing methods for food & feed ingredients as well as the resulting quality from various perspectives, including nutrition, scalability, flexibility, and cost. You’ll hear from industry experts, ingredient and animal processors, and end-users who will share insights and case studies that will help you make informed buying decisions.

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Attendees receive over three hours of industry knowledge and lunch for $75
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