Ingredient Price Risk Management Workshop

Presented by INTL FCStone
November 6, 2017 – St. Louis​
Learn how to create ingredient price certainty in a world of uncertainty.
Participating in the INTL FCStone Ingredient Price Risk Management workshop won’t tell you how to predict the future, but it WILL provide you with something even more valuable: A lifetime of knowledge and ability to manage any ingredient price risk going forward.
Ingredient Price Risk Management is an oft-overlooked business concept, and yet it could easily be one of the most valuable tools that individuals in the Agribusiness industry have at their fingertips. Come early for the ONG conference, and learn these resources you can bring back to your company.
  8:00 - Registration
  8:30 - Importance of Ingredient Price Risk Management
  9:15 - Foundation of Futures, Options and Ingredient Price Risk Management
10:15 - Break
10:30 - Real-time ingredient price risk management strategies.
11:20 - Corporate Ingredient Risk Management Policy
11:45 - Networking Luncheon
Attendees receive over three hours of industry knowledge and lunch for only $75
Non-attendees are welcome to the workshop and lunch for $150